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宿題ダイ!! リーディング!! 

7月と8月のテーマは【 夏 × 祭り× メタル英語】



2.リーディングの宿題ダイψ(`∇´)ψ ↓↓↓



元パンテラ、現在ソロ活動もしているPhilip Anselmo。果たして後悔してることはある?若いバンドに伝えたいことは何?

Steppin' Out: When you tell me you're embarrassed of old interview footage... what are your biggest regrets in life or are you a man with no regrets?

Anselmo: You know... I wouldn't say no regrets, but I would say that I'm very, very, very human. I am not the first to make a drug mistake. I'm not the first to be a part of a very popular band like PANTERA and had it break up. I am absolutely not the first so I realize this and immediately that takes a little bit of pressure off of myself but as far as regrets go, I think the biggest mistake any band can make, and this goes for every band I've been in, is lack of communication. The more a band is able to sit down and discuss problems or ideas that might not sit well with others or in general, the ability to talk to one another as people for the better of the cause, I think that's a massive, massive lesson learned for me on my part.

I have made that mistake in the past where I wouldn't answer the phone and it wasn't just for my band...it was for anyone. I guess the easiest way to put it is drugs, alcohol, and booze, all that shit, especially when you're abusing the living F out of it, it erodes the will, so to speak. It erodes will power and eventually you just don't even want to hear anything. You just want to fade into oblivion. To me, that's a copout. I regret only that lack of communication, because being in a band is very much like being married, and if you can't speak to your partner and let them know your truest deepest feeling on all levels, then there's a big barrier there. As the years go on, that barrier gets bigger and bigger 'till it's becomes this thing called a f'ing problem.

Any young bands out there just take my word for it. If you've got a problem on your mind, speak it out, talk it out. It's worth it.

ほとんどのメタルバンドがPantera、Philip Anselmoに影響受けたんじゃない!?


●embarrassed 恥ずかしく思っている
●regrets 後悔していること
●I wouldn’t say…. ~とは言わない。
●human 人間的な、人間らしい
●I’m not the first to… オレが最初に~したわけじゃない
●immediately すぐに
●….take pressure off of…~からプレッシャーを取り除く
●as far as regrets go, 後悔に関して言えば、
●go for… ~にも当てはまる
●not sit well with someone (人)~にとって面白くない
●in general 一般的に言うと
●massive 大きい
●the easiest way to put it 簡単に言えば
●abuse the living F out of…~を乱用しまくる
●erode 失わせる
●fade into oblivion 世の中から忘れられる
●copout (卑怯な)逃げ、責任回避
●like ~のような
●take my word for it オレの言うこと信じてくれ
●It’s worth it. やる価値がある

テーマ: HR/HM

ジャンル: 音楽